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My Story

I have been making jewelry since I was in high school, and I graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in metalsmithing in 2007. That was only the beginning of my story. There was a point after graduation where the economy wasn't doing so well, and I started to abandon my dream of being a jeweler. Even going so far as to giveaway and sell some of the equipment I had accumulated over the years. I started a career in the fitness industry, but I still held on to one of my benches and my acetylene torch. The turning point was years later, after overcoming some personal struggles and moving to Boston I met a woman whose grandmother had been a metalsmith and she generously gave me her grandmother's beloved tools. This incredible act of kindness was also a huge sign from the universe that I NEED to be making jewelry. I then launched my line in 2016. I am always learning and getting better at what I do. In embracing the spirit of "community over competition", I launched Metalsmith Society in early 2018. It's an Instagram community where jewelers can share information, ask questions, and learn. I'm also married and a mother of two. 

My Work

I strongly believe in making heirloom quality, handmade products that are an investment. Everything I create is crafted from silver or gold and I am working towards exclusively using sustainably and ethically sourced gemstones. While I have several muses when it comes to inspiration for my work (my garden for one), I am also inspired by fabrication techniques and improving my skills. My work is constantly evolving and most of my pieces are one of a kinds. Joining my email list, is the best way to be notified about new releases!